The Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici San Domenico of Rome is a university college recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. It is part of a university group with branches in Rome (central Italy), Fermo (eastern Italy) and Foggia (southern Italy). The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the field of foreign languages and digital communication to aspiring translaters, interpreters and language teachers. Our mission is to train professionals capable of taking on the new challenges launched by the international labour market in the digital era. That is why our first and second cycle degree courses focus on the new and emerging needs coming from the sectors of manufacturing industry, above all fashion and Made in Italy, tourism and education.
Sede Periferica di Fermo
Via dell'Università,16/D - 63900 Fermo

Tel: (+39) 0734.217277 - (+39) 0734.673034
Email: info@ssmlfermo.it
Email PEC: ilafermo@pec.it
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